Your Home Studio: Getting Started

Your Home Studio: Getting Started - Workshop Description


To be determined by participants


Have a room at home that would make a great creative space for portrait, product or still life photography? Wondering what it would take to transform from an idea into a reality? Your Home Studio: Getting Started will show you how to plan, design and equip a space to allow you get up and running easily, affordably, and quickly, solutions to limitations and challenges, and providing clever, effective and inexpensive work-arounds, while phasing in more professional gear as your practice, and your knowledge, grows.

Group sessions will focus on establishing goals, needs and budgets, mapping out your space, identifying challenges and opportunities, creating an equipment list, shopping for gear, DYI solutions, and setting up the studio. The instructors will do a site visit to each participant’s home to provide additional support and advice.


  • Drawing floorplans and elevations for your studio space

  • Designing the studio – lighting, backdrops, storage space, furnishings

  • Equipment lists, alternative solutions, and sources

  • Shopping for gear

  • Setting up 

Registration Information

Instructors: Susanne Ure and Rob Charron

Dates: To be determined

Sessions:  4 groups sessions, one home studio visit for each participant. Weeknight evening to be determined at the convenience of the group.

Location: To be determined

Cost: $275

To register: Contact Susanne at to express your interest in participating